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10 Things You Should Know About The Best Thinning Edges Products To Buy


Thin edges and a receding hair line are no joke. There are many uses for our hair other than to keep our heads warm in summer. So what do you do when you start to see your glorious mane slowly but surely retreating to parts unknown?

The answer for most would be to panic, as they start to see their mortality reflected in each millimeter of newly exposed crown. The good news is that there are ways that can help you take those thinning edges and make them thicker and fuller.  However that is a topic in itself, deserving of a fuller explanation than what we attempt to share in this article.

As a means of tackling this humiliating condition, we have researched and included 10 things you should know about hair loss. These will help you educate yourself and help you better understand what hair loss is, as well as fight against the perceived views of the causes thereof.

Apart from that we’ve also included a couple of myths about hair loss that are widely believed, but are completely unsubstantiated.



  • What Is Alopecia Areata?

Alopecia Areata is a condition commonly confused with male pattern baldness. They may be similar but are in fact different. Male pattern baldness is caused by age as well as an increased sensitivity to sex hormones called androgens.

These hormones control male sex characteristics. The hair loss associated with male pattern baldness is usually gradual and it may take up to 20 years for complete baldness to set in.

On the other hand, Alopecia is a hereditary condition that is caused by an auto-immune response whereby your body believes your hair is a foreign entity. The result is that your immune system starts attacking your hair. This is why your hair falls out.

The hair usually falls out in round patches but this is not always the case. You may have seen some people with hair that looks as if their barber had coins and too much time on their hands. These people possibly suffer from alopecia, or alopecia areata (its full name)

Experts are not sure as to why your immune system suddenly decides to attack your hair follicles. However, they do know what ages it is more likely to occur at. Alopecia usually happens to people younger than 20 years old. This is not to say it only occurs then, younger than 20 is the most common age, but Alopecia does affect younger children as well as adults. It also affects both men and women.

Myth 1: How to Regrow Your Thinning Hair Edges with Clogged Pores Resulting in Hair Loss

Clogged pores have nothing to do with hair loss, but are associated with acne. If that were true we’d only need to shampoo our hair vigorously and hair would grow.


  • What Is Traction Alopecia?

There are different kinds of Alopecia, one being called Traction Alopecia. As the name hints, this is caused by extended traction on your hair. So, if your hair spends a lot of time in traction this can cause you to get this condition.

You are probably imagining someone trying to pull a truck with their hair as a cause of this condition, unfortunately, this isn't so. If you keep your hair in hairstyles that require your hair to be pulled, e.g cornrows, braids, tight ponytails, you may develop this condition.

So a step you could take is to try other hairstyles that allow your hair to “relax”, or at least cycle them out. This will help lower the chances of getting Traction Alopecia.

It is important to note that this kind of alopecia is from constant and sustained traction on the hair. One of its main features is what makes this kind of hair loss more treatable. Traction Alopecia is called by behavioral choices and as such, it means you only have to change the behavior in order to stop your hair from falling out.

Myth 2: Hair Loss Edges, Wearing A Hat Causes Friction That Leads to Bald Spots

The thought here is that the fact that your hair does not "breath" under a hat causes baldness. Hair follicles breathe from your bloodstream.


  • How Do I Treat Alopecia Areata?

While you can start to balance out your diet and try to exercise more regularly, there is a treatment you can take to eliminate the effects of Alopecia.  

There are a number of products that we offer here at Bean Stalk Hair Growth, that will completely remove the balding signs of Alopecia and give you back your crown of confidence.

The first organic hair treatment that we recommend is our infusion oil.  This product is incredibly simple to use. Applied daily for about 10 minutes it will eliminate bald spots or thinning hair. It will not reverse female/male pattern balding. Normally results will be visible in 2 weeks.

To apply all you have to do is dab a bit on your exposed scalp and then continue to massage into the scalp.

Our products are 100% natural and are plant based. No unhealthy chemicals to further deteriorate the state of your mane.  

Because of the fact that we only use natural products, we are 100% sure that our products will heal and moisturize your scalp, strengthen your damaged hair and stop your hair from shedding further.

Apart from the infusion oil, we have our shampoo and vitamin package. Ingested with the same ingredients, as in our infusion oil and more, there’s no better known way to take care of your hair than by washing it with our proven hair growing and repairing ingredients, prepared to give your head that needed rest and necessary rejuvenation.

By taking our vitamins you ensure that healing and reparation is taking place on the inside while strengthening and moisturizing is taking place on the outside.


Myth 3: Mom Is Responsible For Your Hair Loss

The female sex is not responsible for baldness. Both Mom or Dad's genes can contribute to hair loss.


  • What Is The Cause Of Bald Thinning Edges?

There are many reasons put forth for the root cause of baldness. These include stress, hormonal sensitivity, age, sexual frustration, or alopecia, amongst others.

If your hairline is slowly receding, or your edges are thinning out, then the cause is probably hormonal sensitivity and age. However, if you are losing patches of hair at an "alarming" rate then it is possibly alopecia or stress.

To find the root cause for this, you should visit a GP. Sexual frustration is a cause that is sometimes put forward but it is one that has no real basis of proof.


Myth 4: Bald Guys Have Too Much Testosterone

Just because you have elevated levels of testosterone does not mean that that’s the cause of your hair loss.



  • Is Baldness A Man Only Problem?

I can almost hear every woman reading this breathing in as they wait for the answer to this question. Sadly baldness is not a man only problem. Statistically speaking baldness is a problem that mostly plagues men. It affects more than 60% of men and has them nearly completely bald by the time they reach their 50s. 

 While it does affect more man than it does women, it does also affect some women. Some studies have shown that up to 40% of woman have shown signs of baldness, but those results need to be verified and only then can you start stressing about “woman balding patterns”.

Thus it can be said that baldness is mostly a man only problem but it does affect a lot more women than most believe.

The reason why less women suffer from hair loss severe enough to be classified as baldness, is because of the main causes of baldness. As stated earlier, baldness occurs because of sensitivity to certain androgens, specifically dihydrotestosterone or DHT for short.

There is no known application for DHT for female development so women do not have the same vulnerability as man. Thus there are fewer cases of women going bald.


Myth 5: Hair Falls Out Due To Poor Circulation

The decrease of blood supply to your scalp does not cause hair loss. However, it results in it.


  • How Do I Reverse The Effect Of Weak Thinning Edges?

First and foremost it would be best to know what is thinning your edges. If you have traction alopecia then it is best you try more hairstyles that do not pull on your hair.  Avoid picking and playing with your hair. The fact that your edges are starting to thin, could be caused by over manipulation of the hair. It could also mean that when you are picking at and twirling your hair you are applying too much pressure and that is one of the root causes.

Look at how you are brushing your hair. It is good to use a brush every so often to smooth your hair and to apply products, but do not over do it as brushes often times pull at and tear your hair, this then leads to thinner edges.


Myth 6: Only Man Suffer From Hair loss

Women do not necessarily go bald, but over 40% of women experience thinning of hair.


  • How Do I Grow Thinning Edges Fast?

Choose your hairstyles wisely. Ladies, stay away from the weave for a short time and gentlemen maybe skip cornrows for a short time. These may contribute to your thinning edges. You can also try to let your hair be free as this will give it time to recover and be healthier.

You have to be careful with the products you use on your hair. Even your shampoo has effects. Don’t use harsh shampoos rather try our Bean Stalk Shampoo and Conditioner. This product line has positive reviews everywhere. It helps your hair get healthier as well as stimulate more growth for your hair.

There are hairstyles one can use to camouflage your thinning edges, such as the comb over, or bangs. They are great but they can make you forget the real problem. So instead of always using these hairstyles, moisturize your hair and reduce the pull on your hair. These two things will help your hair grow much better than merely trying to hide your edges.


Myth 7: Hair Loss Happens In Patches

Baldness does not occur in lumps, rather it happens when thick hair is replaced by fine hair.



  • How Do I Hide Thinning Hair?

The first and easiest option is to choose hairstyles that do not pull your hair back. Those kinds of hairstyles usually accentuate the thinning sides, thereby making them more pronounced. Not only that, but they may also make the situation worse by putting more pull on the hair.

A little-known method is applying mascara to the balding edges, which will make them look thicker. Just make sure you do not apply too much as it can smear when you put on gel or cream. So be careful how much you put on as it doesn’t make for a good look if it smears.

Another way you can hide it is to cut the hair off. That sounds counterintuitive but strategically cutting off some of the hair and then layering it, can have the effect of fuller, healthier hair, which is what you want.

You can also choose to lighten your hair, not too much, just a few shades lighter. This will also give the impression of fuller hair.

Your choice in shampoo is also important. Your shampoo can not only help to hide your thinning crown but it can also help by making your hair healthier. Choose one that volumizes but at the same time is sulfate-free and free of harmful detergents that will harm your hair. Effectively look for the balance between cleaning and maintaining your hair.


Myth 8: Hair Loss Drugs Only Affect The Crown

No they don't. These drugs can affect any area on your head where they are applied.



  • How To Prevent Breaking Your Edges Off With Braids

Braids are said to be a protective hairstyle. Many use them as a transitional hairdo so their hair can rest before the next hairdo. This is great, but braided hairstyles can still put a lot of strain on your hair particularly the edges. So here are a few steps to follow when getting braids:

  1. Don’t let your stylist pull on your edges when braiding you up.
  2. Do not have your baby hair braided. These are the light wispy hairs on the edge of your edges.
  3. When doing an up style make sure not to pull your hair too tightly.
  4. Condition and moisturize your hair well. Dry hair breaks often and that is also very unhealthy. So maintaining your hair is very important as it will keep those edges thick and full.
  5. Cover your hair when you go to sleep so as to prevent friction between your edges and your pillow.


Myth 9: Excessive Shampooing Makes Hair Fall Out

The reason you see hair in the tub when shampooing is because thicker hair give way to finer hair.


  • Is Baldness Psychologically Harmful?

This depends fully on what stock you place on your hair. There are people who fall into genuine depression because of hair loss. Many people have their hair as a source of confidence and also a major part of their positive self-image.

Loss of their hair is a loss of a fragment of themselves. It is because of this that they have such negative reactions when baldness rears it’s ugly head. These effects may be severe at times but most often they are temporary.

The best way to combat these reactions is to educate yourself, which is possibly why you are reading this. Once you accept what hair loss is, and what causes it, it is easier to move on and either decide to go bald or use some sort of treatment to stop it.


Myth 10: Hair Loss Stops With Age

No, completely wrong. Once hair loss starts it continues over a lifetime.


Now that you know 10 new things about hair loss, you can go out there and look your best with thicker fuller edges. You can prevent behaviorally caused issues such as traction alopecia. Go out there and be your best you.


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