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BeanStalk Infusion Oil Secret System

It Only Takes 6 Minutes Per Day to Reverse ANY Hair Issue (including Hair Loss!) and Restore Softer, Fuller, Healthy Growing Hair in as Fast as 2 Weeks…

Previously only available with $5,000 per session Celebrity Medical Treatments, this Secret Hair Root Restoration Treatment is available as a Home Treatment System to the general public right now. If you’re seeing this page, you can still claim up to 3 treatment systems before this page is removed. Limited Supply. Max 3 per household.

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in as fast as 14 days with:

NO Harmful Chemicals

NO Expensive Medical Treatments

and NO Unproven Internet-Fad-of-The-Day Gimmicks (like rubbing Vick’s Vaporub or Monistat 7 on your scalp!)

This is a first of its kind, all-natural, plant-based, cellular level healing treatment. And it’s guaranteed to soften, strengthen, thicken, and enhance the shine and length of your hair's new growth.

Each treatment takes less time than it takes to get through the morning drive through at Starbucks and costs less than a few sips of a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Hard to believe?

Well, 55,000 women and their families - including medical doctors, and hair-loss specialists- are proving it to be true:

I’ll share more of those stories below, but before we get to that...

Let’s jump straight to the real reason Wild Hair Growth, Hairfinity, JBCO, Rogaine for Women, Miracle Drops, Minoxidil, The Mane Choice, Shediva, and even the steroid cream from your dermatologist… CAN’T help you.

Bring Your Edges Back to Life, Regrow Your Hair, Cover Bald Spots, Heal Damaged Hair, Stop Your Scalp from Itching, and Quit Shedding Hair Everywhere You Go

If you wade through the 491 million Google search results when looking for “women’s hair loss”...


You’ll see the lies THEY are pushing.

THEY’LL tell you the #1 cause of your hair issues - including hair loss- are aging, thyroid problems, and hormonal changes. Or even medication, pregnancy, or chemical damage.

THEY try to make it seem like it’s just a “natural” part of life.

And then they recommend solutions that they claim work for THEM - At best the results are temporary, and at worst they- damage your hair even more.

They're. Not. US.

Here’s the truth.

Once you start seeing thinning edges, broken new-growth, balding crowns, a dry itchy scalp, hair shedding like crazy, and damaged ends...

No Hair Growth Product will EVER work for you - especially oils, foams, and supplements Until You Get to The Root of The Problem - Literally.

I know what it’s like to avoid eye contact with other women at the salon after you catch a glimpse of your thinning edges or bald spots in the mirror. Or see your hair shed across the salon floor after your stylist begins to work...


I know what it’s like to feel a breeze on a part of my scalp I’ve never felt anything but hair on before.

I know what it’s like to look in the mirror and see bare skin where there used to be seemingly healthy hair.

What I thought could only happen in a nightmare, became my everyday life.

And all the solutions I found said I needed “more moisture” or “expensive medical treatments” like celebrities shell tens of thousands of dollars for.

I couldn’t afford the medical treatments so I tried product, after product, after product.


Nothing worked.

And I didn’t know why.

Looking back now, I know exactly why.

It was simply because nothing was formulated to get to…

The Root of the Problem

Have you ever seen a dying plant?

Have you ever seen a dying plant come back to life?

If so, I can promise you that plant didn’t come back to life by watering and fertilizing the leaves and/or branches.

The real solution for new, healthy, and sustainable growth is in nourishing the roots of the plant.

And somehow THEY either forgot to tell us, or don’t know that, the real solution to almost ANY hair issue is…


Nourishing The Roots of Our Hair

Less than .25mm (far less distance than the width of a human eyelash) below the papil dermis level of your scalp are what traditional Chinese medicine practitioners refer to as your “vacuums of the root”.

And even though they’re only slightly below your scalp, most hair loss products never reach your roots



And when your “vacuums of the root” are inflamed, they’re as detrimental as rotting plant roots, sucking vitamins and minerals FROM your hair, resulting in thinning edges, bald spots, excessive shedding, and overall embarrassing hair loss.

But when you “-fertilize-”and nourish your hair roots at the papil dermis level, you can…

Regrow Hair in Bald Spots, Thicken Your Edges, Eliminate Shedding, and Actually Restore Your Overall Hair Health


And that’s exactly what the using the Beanstalk Hair Secret Root Restoration System does, using FDA-approved methods along with all-natural, anti-inflammatory supernutrients to restore your hair health.

It’s a simple 2-Step, 6-Minute Daily System GUARANTEED and proven to work.

Trusted by enough women to fill a college football stadium (over 55,000 customers)… including doctors and hair-loss specialists…

“In my professional opinion. This really works!”

“Worth the money, will be a lifetime purchaser!”

In Just Weeks?

Our customers are reclaiming Fuller Edges, Regrowing Hair Over Balding Crowns, and getting addicted to touching their new hair growth that they’re seeing in just weeks!

Here’s exactly why it works…

The Beanstalk Hair Secret Root Restoration System is rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, helping you simultaneously access your “vacuums of the root” and actually nourish your hair roots with over a dozen supernutrients.


Key Access Points in the Scalp to Boost Hair Growth

Once you access your vacuums of the root and nourish your hair roots with supernutrients, your hair begins to repair itself at the cellular level.

That’s why before you can regrow healthy hair, the FIRST thing you MUST do is...

Step 1: Access Your Vacuums Now!

Previously, this was only available through $5,000 medical hair procedures that celebrities and rich people could afford. Vacuums of the Root are sucking your hair follicles dry. Forget the medical red tape! Now you can use the same regimen every day in the comfort of your own home. Your edges will thicken if that’s your issue. You’ll maximize new growth and fill in a balding crown if that’s your issue. You’ll even gain more length if that’s your issue. GUARANTEED!

We could sell this information as a stand-alone product…

But we want you to experience the maximum effect of using everything together as a system.

And we want you to know what it’s like to get hair compliments from random strangers again!

That’s why the first part of your BeanStalk Hair Secret Root Restoration System is...


The Secret Hair Growth System: Heal Any Hair Issue and Spark Healthy Growth in as Fast as 14 Days, Guaranteed!

In just 10 pages you’ll learn steps to

  • Access & Stop Vacuums of the Root
  • Use An FDA - approved Treatment to regrow your edges
  • Use the Power of the SUN to strengthen & Grow your hair
  • Grow Hair So Fast You Break “The Sound Barrier!”

The affluent, hollywood celebrities, and the medical establishment has had this information for years….

And now so do you!

Once you know how to access your vacuums of the root, you can begin to nourish your roots with…

Step 2: 14 SuperNutrients for Healthier Roots Below Your Scalp and Full, Thick, Beautiful Hair on Your Head

These 14, Root Nourishing, herbs and critical hair regrowing vitamins are essential to every follicle on your head…

They’re packed in BeanStalk's Infusion Oil... made up of:


Lawsonia Inermis extract - Egyptian privet- slowly wraps each follicle in a warm organic seal, strengthening the very fibers of the hair shaft, giving your hair an eternal shine,


Biotin acts as a "hair-time-machine" resetting your hair's "growth-clock" to your teenage years,


Yellow Amaranth extract: this Biblical extract (Isaiah 7:13) is called "Goodspeed" (fast-regrowth) & "resurrection plant" like Lazarus, Edges are coming back from the dead,


Niacin "Nu-Nu" is all about raising new hair follicles to the surface of your scalp by flooding the follicles with nutrient-rich blood,


34.5% boost in hair growth just from Vitamin E optimization & 66.7% boost in hair growth from Zinc optimization on the follicle level" Can we give Vitamin E & Zinc two snaps for double dutching around our edges making them jump out of our scalp skin?


Refreshing Rosemary extract, If you have ever driven down I-85 at 80mph IN REVERSE then you understand "The Rosemary Effect", aka the Reverser! Rosemary reverses the effects of most hair loss issues on sight! So drive safe and buckle up cause your edges are coming in fast!


Stevia extract Meet Agent "JP 10265347" aka Mr. Prolong... his job is to prolong the new-growth hair cycle of our hair giving us more time to nourish baby hairs,


Cepa extract not the kind that makes you cry, but the kind which may boost hair growth by 87.6% as noted by researchers at AAD,


Lavender oil provides DEEP-DEEP-DEEP conditioning effects on hair follicles fighting dry-itchy-skin-breaking irritation,


Asian Allium extract: Vacuums of the Root hate it. India Dermatology researchers (IJD) suggest the extract can reduce a bald spot to a dime and increase hair follicles within the balding area in weeks.


Melaleuca Oil: -Aborigines kept it a secret for centuries understanding its power as a powerful viral and bacteria killing machine. This Aborigine secret will protect new hair growth from bacteria and scalp viruses.


Castor Oil, aka Carribean Fatty - the Soca - laced fatty acids fight back inflammation and protect the hair on a derma level.


Anjanika extract is considered byArabian women as a beauty enhancer, boosting hair growth, thickness and shine so they could look their best before meeting possible husbands.


Clitoria Ternateea Extract - despite the curious name, this is hands down the most powerful anti-graying and hair growth intensive extract on the planet. It naturally improves rich-blood flow to the scalp-skin, boosting hair growth.

BeanStalk Hair Growth Infusion Oil combines all these ingredients into a few little powerful drops, and when used 2x per day with the system in The Secret System Hair Growth Guide...
You’re GUARANTEED to get results.

Backed by the industry’s only 200%, 6-Star, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee


Imagine your stylist begging you for an answer to how your hair has grown so healthy in the last few weeks! And you smiling, shrugging, and laughing on the inside... enjoying knowing something she doesn’t. And that secret weapon's made you the CENTER OF ATTENTION!


(55,000) Enough satisfied customers to fill a college football stadium can’t be wrong!


True or False?

  • You wake up and tell yourself, “It doesn’t matter how my hair looks today.”
  • You believe that healthy hair is only available to celebrities and rich people.
  • You like to sit in the salon chair and hear your stylist whisper behind your back about your “damaged” hair.

If you answered TRUE, then here’s where we should say goodbye. Because the Beanstalk Hair Secret Root Restoration Regimen is not for you.

But, if you answered FALSE and you want strong, healthy, growing hair on your head that rightfully represents who you are...

And you want to FINALLY stop using all the useless products that never address the real problem…

and join the college football stadium Full of customers (55,000), including medical professionals and hair restoration specialists

Then you are in the right place at JUST the right time.

Before you claim your BeanStalk Hair Secret Root Restoration system below…


Think of everything you’ll do once you’ve fought back against rotting hair roots and your hair starts to feed on 14 supernutrients that support fast hair growth…


And imagine when your new luscious hair starts to feel and look like it did years ago…

Will you wear your hair out for the first time in years?

Or will you stop thinking everyone, at the salon, is peeping at your disappearing edges, your “see through” scalp, or your damaged new-growth?

At work, notice if your colleagues take a second look...

Do your friends and family sneak a peek wondering if you’re doing something different?

Do you just FEEL more secure with yourself? You be the judge…

One thing I know you’ll be certain about is that you received an incredible deal. Because…


You can enjoy new, healthy hair growth with The BeanStalk Hair Secret Root Restoration System for just $0.67 cents a day!

Less than a few sips of your Starbucks coffee.

At $5 - $8 per cup, Starbucks coffee costs about 10x what it’s going to cost you to get fuller, naturally shiny, healthier growing hair.

And when you take advantage of the limited special today, you won’t even pay $2 per day.

14 supernutrients + $,5000 Medical red tape exposed…

You won’t even pay $0.99 per day!!

With theBeanStalk Hair Secret Root Restoration System you’ll get a full 30 day supply for as low as $0.67 per day - saving up to 38%!

Just tell us how interested you are in ending your hair issues and growing healthy hair, and we’ll take care of the rest!

As you saw from the Doctor of Integrated Health above, our cells basically completely regenerate every 90 days. So it’s recommended that you give your body that amount of time to see the full effects of your BeanStalk Hair Secret Root Restoration System

So we created the Supreme Hair Growth Package you see below including FREE bottles of BeanStalk Infusion Hair Growth Oil PLUS $1,000+ in other Real Rooted Hair Growth Products.

And you can get it for $24.75 TODAY!!! and pay the balance over 6 weeks with No Fees , No Interest , and No Credit Check...Simply Select Quadpay at Last Checkout Page

"After a few days of using this product, i started to see new growth coming in, which made me very happy. I wished i was using this product months ago. I will continue to use it until my edges are back to where they use to be." - T. Thomas

"Used Minoxidil for 6 mos and there was almost no change. I have used BeanStalk for 3 months and new hair follicles are growing... about 33% improvement so far on a bald spot the size of a quarter I've had for 2 years" - Cyndee Lu

"Actually, it started growing my hair in the bald spots on my temple. Which I couldn't get to grow for years with many many other products."
- Eve R

"This Growth Oil is wonderful! It does what it says it will do which is filled in the hair that you have lost or where you have become bald."
Ashley Williams

"Awesome product. Used this for nearly 3 weeks. I'm simply amazed at the progress, the sides of my hair that was thinning begin to grow. It's like a miracle, and I love it. Already purchased a 2nd bottle. The best thing in the market as far as I'm concerned for thinning or balding. Iam living proof!"- Laura Kingsly

"I was extremely skeptical about this product producing hair growth. However, I have a thinning area at the top of my head. Now, I am sure there are varied results with everyone due to a host of factors. I simply have been baffled at how the area that was noticeable for being thinner, depending on how I wore my hair, is now less noticeable and fuller." -Amber Lyons

"WOW! Where do I start? My hair is showing vast improvement. I can see hair beginning to grow where it was totally bald scalp showing. I was diagnosed with alopecia areata two years ago. I had tried EVERYTHING or so I thought. I have been using Beanstalk for one month and it's awesome! I can't believe one tiny bottle can reverse two years of pain and struggle. I have replaced every hair care item with Beanstalk and I use ONLY Beanstalk products."- Ava Rolls


1 Bottle $45.99


3 Bottle + 2 FREE $99.00 (or Pay Just $24.75 Today & The Rest Over 6 Weeks w/ Quadpay at Checkout!)


3 Bottles + 2 FREE $99.00 (FREE SHIPPING)

You Can Put Your Hair Growth On Steroids (without steroids!) by taking what we call a Wholisitic “Alpha and Omega Phase” approach: and it won’t cost you an extra penny because it’s all- INCLUDED in your Supreme Hair Growth Package.

Your BeanStalk Hair Secret Root Restoration Regimen is the “Alpha Phase”, guaranteed to restore healthy, sustainable hair growth by nourishing your hair roots from the outside-in.

And with what you get in the Supreme Hair Growth Package, you can put your hair growth “on steroids” by nourishing your roots from the inside-out, with the “Omega Phase”!!

In addition to 2 FREE Bottles of BeanStalk Infusion Hair Growth Oil, you get to literally…


ONE Bottle of BeanStalk Hair Growth Vitamins packed with 25 organic minerals and vitamins

AND 2 Bags of BeanStalk Tea Flush including 21 organic hair-boosting herbs

Just as the supernutrients from the oil are “fertilizer” for your roots from the outside, so are all 46 of the organic herbs, minerals, and vitamins from the inside.

But we won’t stop there!

On top of getting the Alpha and Omega Phases to restore your healthy hair physically…

You’re getting over $2,500 (actually invested) of Knowledge from a Certified Hair Loss Specialist, a Medical Doctor of Integrative Medicine, and an Herbal Medicine Research Team. You’ll learn…

  • How drinking MORE of this sugar-free drink can STOP alopecia
  • The ONLY real stages of hair growth, how to know which one you’re actually in, and what to do when you’re in it
  • The proper way to apply BeanStalk Infusion Hair Growth Oil so you get the most hair growth out of every bottle
  • The BEST things for YOU to Eat for hair growth - it’s NOT the same as everyone else

Donna from Atlanta said, “...I almost cried! I could have regrown my hair months ago…” after going through these materials.

Here’s what else you’ll learn…

  • The true effect of hormones on your hair and everyday life
  • How to have a “snap-back” body, even through major changes like child-birth, including how to get rid of stretch marks!
  • The EASIEST way to determine if something is healthy for YOU
  • Fibroid Fighting Alternatives that actually work
  • Health Tips for Women of ALL Ages
  • Hormonal Imbalance Causes many women overlook and doctors aren’t talking about!

“Just one page allowed me to help my mother tremendously with an issue she’s been dealing with for 8 months.” - Ashley C. New York

ALL INCLUDED in your Supreme Hair Growth Package

Not only do you get EVERYTHING you need to Restore Your Hair Health from the Outside-In to the Inside-Out…

EVERYTHING is backed by our 200%, 6-Star(⭐), 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

A college football stadium of customers (55,000) know ​Beanstalk works but, you don’t… yet!

So let me take all the risk away from you. And put it all on us.

Try the Beanstalk Hair Secret Root Restoration System for 60 Days (even though some customers see results as fast as 14 days, you can try it for up to 60 days)

If in 60 Days you don’t experience…

Thicker Edges! Actually seeing and feeling hair follicles grow in places that were bald and shiny... if not, it’s FREE!

Fuller Crown! Noticeable thicker, shinier, softer and stronger hair.. then, it’s FREE!

Drastically Slow Shedding! Less Hair on the salon floor, in the shampoo bowl and on your pillows in the morning… then, it’s FREE!

Healthier New Growth! Part your hair to see approximately 1 inch of new-growth within the first 30 days of trying it… then, it’s FREE!

Noticeable Difference! If your friends & stylist aren’t wondering WHAT you’re doing... how you’ve gone from thin to fuller edges… or quietly ask you how your hair is growing so quickly right before their eyes and BEGGING for your secrets… then it’s FREE!

Because You Feel Like It! For whatever reason (or no reason at all) if you’re still not completely satisfied after 60 days, simply email us a quick note, showing you applied the Beanstalk Hair Secret Root Restoration System and we’ll quickly refund every last penny.

Not only will we refund your money for any of the 6-Star reasons above…

We’re so confident in the Beanstalk Hair Secret Root Restoration System, that if you aren’t thrilled with your results for any of the 6 reasons above...
We’ll buy you a Competitor’s Product!

(get your money back PLUS Get Another Product!?!?)

Yep! That’s our 200%, 6-Star, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

With over a college football stadium full of customers (55,000), we’ve NEVER had anyone ask us to buy a competitor’s product. But the offer stands.

As you can see, there’s literally No Risk for you to try the BeanStalk Hair Secret Root Restoration System today.

There IS a risk in missing out on the free bottles and extra packages that are available today.

This page is the ONLY place you’ll find BeanStalk Hair Secret Root Restoration System at this price.

And the ONLY place you can get the whole Supreme Hair Growth Package shipped to you for only $24.75 Today And pay the balance over the next 6 weeks with No Interest, No Fees, and No Credit Check! Simply Select Quadpay at Last Checkout Page

To take advantage of this offer...

Simply choose your level of interest and check out on the next page.


3 Bottle + 2 FREE $99.00 (or Pay Just $24.75 Today & The Rest Over 6 Weeks w/ Quadpay at Checkout!)


3 Bottles + 2 FREE $99.00 (FREE SHIPPING)


1 Bottle $45.99

This is a One-Time Order. You will NOT Be Rebilled.

***Each household is Limited to a Maximum of 3 Special Packages including 2 free bottles of BeanStalk Infusion Oil and over $1,000 of Hair Secret Root Restoration bonus products and education materials *** ***LIMITED AVAILABILITY***

You have 3 options…

You can ignore everything I’ve shared with you and keep feeling embarrassed every time the wind blows revealing the thinning edges your were hiding… continue fighting anxiety-attacks as your stylist whispers,"How do you want me to cover the bald spots this time?"... and dreading the folks sitting behind you at church notices your see-through scalp...

You could keep wasting your hard-earned money and irreplaceable time on useless pills, individual oils, sprays, and steroid creams from your dermatologist that do NOTHING to stop Vacuums of the Root from sucking your scalp bald…

But you’ve seen the ancient power behind The Secret Hair Growth System & BeanStalk Infusion Oil…

You’ve seen how this two -2 phase system— available right now on this page — is helping women like you put an end to thinning edges, overly excessive shedding, damaged new-growth, hair breaking & falling out, a visible scalp & balding crown…

It is completely risk-free for you to say “YES” to The Secret Hair Growth System & BeanStalk Infusion Oil today…

So go ahead start your order below. You'll never, ever regret it.


3 Bottle + 2 FREE $99.00 (or Pay Just $24.75 Today & The Rest Over 6 Weeks w/ Quadpay at Checkout!)


3 Bottles + 2 FREE $99.00 (FREE SHIPPING)


1 Bottle $45.99

Start Your Order & Start Sleeping, Start Feeling Energized and Calm Like Everyone Below...

I almost missed my blessing...

I got this because back in February when I went to a hair salon to get a style, my hairdresser told me i have a bald spot on the right side on my head. Which was kinda embarrassing. I couldn't see it so he took a picture and was shocked when I finally saw it. When i had my physical check up done around May, my dr told me i had to go see a specialist for my hair, maybe they can prescribe something or have a steroid shots on that part of my scalp that's completely bald. I know it would cost a lot of money so I hesitated.

I went online to see if i can get a hair oil that's going to help my situation. And found this, read the rating and decided to get it. I ordered two bottles. When i got it, i used it just like what it said on the bottle. Use the oil twice a day and the secret method once a day. So I would use it in the morning. I finished the bottle and I noticed the bald spot just got bigger. So i was disappointed and was thinking of just refunding the other bottle. But I figured I'll just use it every night. One more month later, the bottle was empty.

Checked my bald spot again and people!!!! there's hair growing finally!!!! So i guess for me, it works! i needed another style. Of course that part pf my hair was a lot shorter but you can't see the bald spot anymore!!! I was on it for 2months. 2bottles. And the bald spot is gone. So if you have it bit having a hard time growing your hair, try taking it.

- Nicole C. Seaside Heights, New Jersey

I feel beautiful again....

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