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Ingredients: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, B2, B6, Niacinamide, Folic Acid, Biotin, Calcium, Zinc, Copper, Choline Bitartate, Bamboo Extract Inositol, Para-Aminobenzoic Acid, L-Cysteine, MSM, Ginko Biloba, Saw Palmetto Extract, Pygeum Africanum, GreenTea Extract, Grape seed Extract, and SOY.

Directions: Drink one ounce of water for every two pounds you weight. So if you weight 140lbs, you should drink 70 ounces of water. FYI its 128 ounces in a gallon of water. So take 1 BeanStalk Vitamin A Day with a meal or as prescribe by your healthcare professional.


10 Things Hair Growth Vitamin Companies will Never Tell YOU!

Vitamin A, B, D, L, M, A, O…

Every day we hear about a new vitamin or mineral that we need to have in order to keep being healthy. But do we actually know what vitamins are? Or what they actually do?

What vitamins are good for your hair? All of these are pertinent questions when one considers how to take care of one’s hair. There are many products on the market that promise the world, but don’t deliver anything. So how can we navigate the pitfalls of the vitamin industry?

To make this that much easier for this article, we will take a look at the 10 things hair growth vitamin companies will never tell you. Some of these you will believe, some you will be surprised by, and some you would never even have guessed.

There are many reasons people use vitamins. Many use them for hair growth and there are even specific vitamins for thinning hair.

Before we dive into the 10 things hair growth vitamin companies will never tell you, we need to first find out what vitamins are as well as the effects of vitamins on hair. We will look at the following 10 secrets of hair growth vitamin companies:

  • vitamins and herbs improve hair growth
  • there are specifically formulated oils for hair growth
  • take supplements to protect hair roots from inflammation
  • chemical heavy shampoos kill hair
  • replenish your vitamins through a good diet.
  • price is not that important
  • some vitamins and minerals can cause hair loss
  • regulated or not regulated
  • do vitamins and supplements help hair growth
  • the best hair growth vitamins
What Are Vitamins?

Media has a lot to say about vitamins and minerals. Yet many people do not really know what vitamins and minerals are. Vitamins are nutrients that your body needs in order to function properly. Most times you can get all the vitamins your needs from a balanced diet.

However, there are instances where you need to take supplements in order to achieve a specific purpose. This being, to either take in the recommended level of vitamins, or to improve your health, which is optimally the best of them all, or the option of taking vitamins for hair growth and thickness.

How Vitamin Deficiency Can Affect Your Hair ?

Vitamin deficiency can cause many problems within your body. This is also true of your hair. If you have a vitamin deficiency you may develop telogen effluvium, which is a form of alopecia, however it is a non-scarring form, and is characterized by diffuse hair shedding.

This condition causes your hair to stop growing and to start resting. This may be detrimental in that it makes your hair weak as well. So the question then is what vitamins are good for fast hair growth. Beanstalk's hair growth vitamins are a quick and easy means to get all the vitamins your hair needs to grow long and strong. This one per day formula is perfect as a black hair vitamin, and will also help fight thinning edges.

Having laid the groundwork, and now that we know what vitamins are and how important they are, let us look at 10 things hair growth vitamin companies will never tell you.

1. Vitamins And Herbs Improve Hair Growth

Vitamins are much-needed nutrients that keep our bodies' machines working well and herbs have always been a means of delivering these vitamins to our bodies. Vitamin companies may say vitamins are good for you, but the effects of vitamins on hair are often underrepresented.

There are vitamins that are specifically good for your hair. This is because they give your hair the required food for growth, vitamins such as Biotin which is sometimes called Vitamin B7 or H. This water-soluble vitamin helps with hair growth and thickening specifically.

Not only does your hair need vitamins, but you also need minerals to have a system that works well, some of the minerals being zinc and calcium. All of these can be had either through ingesting herbs or taking a vitamin supplement.

2. There Are Specifically Formulated Oils For Hair Growth

A number of vitamin companies will market any and all vitamins to consumers, without specifying which vitamins are specifically good for what. This can at times lead to people buying vitamins that are not right for them, or altogether vitamins that are wrong for them. This happens frequently, but not to despair as we will cover what happens if you get the wrong vitamins and minerals.

To help you with not acquiring or ingesting the wrong vitamins, you have to look at what is in the vitamin supplement you are taking. For example, Beanstalk has a 1 per day vitamin solution that is specially formulated to combat hair loss and stimulate hair growth. It is formulated using calcium, b-complex, copper, and a lot of other vitamins essential for the process of hair growth. All of these are excellent to help fight thinning edges as well.

3. Chemical Heavy Shampoos Kill Hair

Using shampoos that have a lot of chemicals can kill your hair. This is because these shampoos and the chemicals in them can rob your hair of important vitamins and minerals. In fact, the number of vitamins in these shampoos, are minimal to almost non-existent.

So effectively you are washing out the vitamins every time you take a shower and wash your hair. This is scary, but here’s what we can do.

First, you have to get rid of those chemical heavy shampoos. Then you have to implement a hair care system. Look at the Beanstalk range of shampoos. These will make sure to stop leeching vitamins and minerals out of your hair.

From there you have to find a means of replenishing those lost vitamins. Beanstalk has the Beanstalk Oil Infusion, Hair Growth Vitamins & Shampoo System. This system will not only give you a natural and great way to keep your hair clean, but it will also be healthy and have balanced vitamins and minerals.

4. Take Supplements To Protect Hair Roots From Inflammation

You need to take supplements in order to protect your hair. Supplements can be used to protect your hair roots from inflammation. Inflammation can cause you to have a dry flaky scalp. This may even lead to dandruff. When you take vitamins they will ensure you have a very healthy scalp.

A couple of good vitamin supplements with a healthy shampoo, and you will be set for a healthy scalp and thicker hair.

5. Replenish Your Vitamins Through A Good Diet

A well-balanced diet is key for you to get vitamins. This is not only for your hair, but for your body as a whole. So in order to make sure you have excellent hair, make sure you have a well-balanced diet. This means that you have to take in food from the 5 food groups.

In order to help bolster your diet, you can also take vitamin supplements. A good multivitamin would be best and is highly recommended. These usually have all the nutrients you will need and if you take one, formulated towards hair growth you will be able to reap those benefits as well.

6. Price Is Not That Important

There is this culture of, more expensive is always best. This is not always the case. Many times a cheaper option is just as good if not better than one that is much more expensive.

Take for example Beanstalk’s hair growth vitamin range. It is cheap, but it has everything your body will need to give you healthy, luscious and strong hair. So shopping for hair growth vitamins at Beanstalk is not a bad thing. In fact, it could be the best thing for you.

7. Regulated Or Not Regulated

It is often times assumed that if you buy a product, such as a vitamin supplement, then it has to be regulated. Well, this is not always true. Whether you choose to take a vitamin for hair growth and thickness, or even if you are looking at getting vitamins for thinning hair you have to make sure they are regulated and approved. So as to get the best results, such as the Beanstalk one a day hair growth vitamins.

8. Some Vitamins And Minerals Can Cause Hair Loss

We cannot mention taking vitamins, without mentioning the darker side. The darker side is simply the fact that you can find yourself taking too many vitamins, which could eventually cause more hair loss.

An example is biotin, which when taken in recommended doses is great for your hair, but when you take too much for too long, can cause hair loss, skin rashes, and other side effects.

9. The Best Hair Growth Vitamins

So what are the best hair vitamins for faster hair growth? What can you take in order to have thicker, fuller hair?

BeanStalk’s specially formulated one a day formula is an excellent vitamin for hair, that you can take to make sure you have great hair.

It will not only help you get thicker hair, but will also actively fight hair loss. Other natural stand alone products to mention for hair growth are fish oil, zinc, and rosemary essential oils. However, although these in themselves are great, it is best to have a regulated, proven product to aid in your hair growth.

10. Do Vitamins And Supplements Help Hair Growth

The answer to this question is a resounding yes. Vitamins and supplements definitely help with hair growth. People who have taken the BeanStalk hair growth vitamins report richer, stronger, thicker hair and these are people who have tried other products in the past, and have had no success. This is definitely a product that helps. Try it out and see how well it will work for you.

To re-iterate the points we’ve mentioned earlier. There are many reasons for hair loss and thinning edges. Vitamins and minerals are extremely important for hair growth, but it should be mentioned that not all vitamins and minerals are good for your hair.

For this reason, it is extremely important you read what is in your vitamin of choice. You have to look out for the best hair vitamins for faster hair growth like the Beanstalk range of products. They are formulated to give your hair the perfectly balanced vitamins and nutrients, so as to stimulate hair to grow. They also have vitamins for thinning hair.

With these 10 things hair growth vitamin companies will never tell you, you are armed with just the right knowledge to get the best natural vitamins for hair growth out there.

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Excellent Product that Works!

I've tried many products for trying to get my edges to grow back. This is the only product that I've had results. With consistency, I have experienced new growth in bald and thinning areas within my front hairline area. Love it!!

Earnie GB
The jury is in!! 72 and can't believe it!!

I was skeptical, I mean really skeptical I was going to go on my natural journey. Natural didn't work for me I can do a texlax, not all natural, very fine high porosity hair that doesn't hold moisture. Will all that being said I combed my hair out and couldn't believe not just the length, but I actually had hair in the top where that hadn't been hair in at least 2 years.
My hair grew without me even being consistent, wearing a weave for over a year or more.
I was still skeptical about giving BeanStalk the credit, but it can't be anything else. Guys this stuff works take it from a real skeptic!

Mary B Jackson
Pleased With Product

After having taken the vitamins now for some time, it not only is strengthening my hair but my nails as well. I have notice that my nails are stronger and not breaking as they usually do.


BACKORDER BeanStalk Vitamins Powerful 1 A Day Formula for Longer, Fuller and Stronger Hair

Melissa Brown
updated review

I did finally recieve my vitamins, and I have been using them for about a month, and I also used some tea. I have to say that I can see a difference in my hair it is growing. It feels thicker when I wash and comb it.
I have placed another order for more vitamins, but I ordered the complete shampoo and conditioner set. I hope I will see even better results. I will give another review when I get it and use it for awhile.
Thanks 😊

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