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FREE BONUS: Buy 2 Bottles and Get the 3rd Bottle ABSOLUTELY FREE

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FREE BONUS: Buy 2 Bottles and Get the 3rd Bottle ABSOLUTELY FREE

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Beanstalk Hair Growth Infusion, We’ll
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  • Incredibly Simple – Each daily application takes about 10 minutes…much less time than spending a full day at the doctor’s office or hours at the salon
  • Unbelievable Value – Get a 4 week’s supply for just $16.99…and start seeing results in 2 weeks
  • Amazing Growth- Bald Spots, Thinning, Permed or Natural Hair BeanStalk Works Wonders to regrow your hair
  • 100% All Natural – Our plant-based product heals and moisturizes your scalp, strengthens damaged hair, stops hair shedding, and gives you beautiful and natural hair
  • CHILDREN FRIENDLY- Yes! Ages 5 & Up!
  • Best-In-The-Industry Guarantee – You have a full 60 days to decide if Beanstalk Hair Growth Vitamin is right for you. If you’re not 110% satisfied, email us and we’ll not only give you a no-questions-asked refund, but we’ll also buy you one of our competitor’s products (of equal or lesser value)


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Latonya Coleman

Doctors Told Me My Hair Follicles Were DEAD

Brenda Eldridge

This is Working For Me!

BeanStalk Hair Growth for Edges

Claudia Lawson


Teri Lee-Huber

He's still hanging on

I actually bought this for my son, he was going bald and I just thought that I would give this a try because the dermatologist had no answers for him. I massaged it into his skin every night before bed. I tried one side at a time to see if I could tell any difference and lo and behold, he started growing hair. I was really surprised at how fast it worked. He's still hanging on to his new hair and I would highly recommend this product.

Ana Levi

I have been using this product for a couple of...

I have been using this product for a couple of weeks now and I can definitely see some hair growth in the middle of my hair where there was very little before. It also makes my hair very soft. I am loving it. I plan on placing another order this week!


I Love This Stuff...

I love this stuff so far, I'm African American and have 3b/3c hair type and last year i ruined my hair with a relaxer and Keratin treatment all at once including using a blow dryer & flat iron, after two weeks of this my hair was total crap and the natural curl pattern refuse to come back, since buying the bean stalk hair treatment and using it for about a month now my hair has come back to life and my curls are back,will continue to use this product, also this has made my hair grow a little bit since using it as well, not sure how much growth, do recommend to anyone looking to restore their hair due to chemical styling,this a real review, purchased this product with my own money and buy this again :-)


and i HATE IT. so I'm using this to grow it...

okay so I've only been using this for a few weeks now, but i will say i only have positive remarks. i shaved my sides, and i HATE IT. so I'm using this to grow it back, and i think its growing faster because I'm using this product.

Kelli Lato

I am Super sensitive to so many hair products and have so...

I am LOVING this stuff. I don't have thinning hair, but do use a high lift blonde to lighten every 4 to 5 weeks on my roots. Any lifting of color can be very damaging & can irritate the scalp, so this has been a big help in maintaining my the health of both my hair & sensitive scalp.I have also noticed my roots are showing sooner than usual, which shows the effectiveness of this product for hair growth. I also am impressed by the natural ingredients. I am super sensitive to so many hair products and have so much trouble finding natural hair products without all the chemicals and fragrance that irritate my eczema or give me a hives rash.This one has proved to be chemical free with minimal scent.The only scent i can pick up is a slight castor oil smell that is fine by me because that is natural. I am very HAPPY & am about to order my second bottle!!!!


I Tried It All and Beanstalk is Working for Me


Gretchen Sepulveda

So far so good

I started using this product to help assist with hair loss. I was already using a Hair,Skin and Nails supplement, but I was still losing what felt like 500 strands per day. I may be exaggerating, but that's what it felt like. I'm attributing the hair loss as hormonal ever since I got off birth control. Once I started using this product I did notice the hair loss has subsided. I use four drops altogether. One on top of my scalp, one on each side, and one on the back of my scalp. A little goes a long way. I love the smell which reminds me of lipstick. Probably because of the castor oil. I also like how my hair feels. I can't really tell if it's helping my hair growth because of the supplements I'm taking, but I know the combination of the two is definitely working. I'm going to try it for 90 days for maximum results. So far so good. I would definitely recommend this product.

Jennifer Dars

I was a bit Discouraged

Ok.. I was a bid discouraged after I ordered this product. All the reviews I saw on u tube were from the black community. I wast sure it would work on Caucasian hair.. but I swear on my life my hair has grown an inch in 2 weeks. New hair growth were it was thinning. . This product is amazing amazing I would recommend to anyone. I'm 29 I just had a baby and my hair was falling out all over the place I mean hand fulls in the shower. I'm barley loosing any hair in the shower now. Now because of the oily texture of this product I can't wear it out during the day. But I put it in at night and leave it in until I take a shower and I was surprised how easy it was to wash out.. I know lots of mom that loose hair after a baby. I'm telling all of my friends about this.. it's a life changer for sure


His This Spot is Almost Filled in...

I used this product on my fiance's hair. He has a area in the front of his head that has been slowly thinning. After 3 weeks of using this 3-4 times a week his thin spot has almost filled in, almost looks like the rest of his thick coarse hair. Just make sure you water and massage your scalp daily.


No of Bottles 1


Lawsonia Inermis extract, Biotin , Yellow Amaranth extract, Niacin, Zinc, Vitamin E, Rosemary extract, Stevia extract, Onion extract, Lavender oil, Garlic Extract, Tea TreeOil, Anjanika extract, Clitoria Ternateea Extract and Castor Oil.


Place a pinhead size drop on your finger(s) and massage into your problem area(s) once a day. Based on your results if you want to increase the usage to twice a day, morning and at night, you can. If you would like to use it as your Hot Oil Treatment you can too. If you consider the oil to be too thick for your hair texture order BeanStalk Dermacure Detox Shampoo, BeanStalk DermaCure Moisturizing Shampoo & Moisture-Locking Conditioner System. Add a drop or two of BeanStalk Infusion into the palm of your hand, followed with the Moisture-Locking Conditioner System and massage away. For an added boost of healthy hair growth use BeanStalk Vitamins daily.


Thinning Edges - 7 Growth Secrets No One Talks About

To many, a thick growth of hair is a sign of virility and beauty. It is the mane that crowns us. It is also the most adaptable accessory that you can own. Not only does it serve an aesthetic function, but it is also an indicator of health. Weak and breaking hair is sometimes attributed to mineral deficiencies.

If your hair is falling out in clumps then you know there is a serious problem that needs dealing with. The thought of losing your hair is without doubt a most debilitating thing to deal with. Hair loss is usually associated with old age, being feeble, and honestly just one strand closer to death. Yet hair loss is very natural, and for many men, it is just another step in their development and maturity.

What are the causes of hair loss? Hair loss is the product of either genetics or behavior. For men, as they age they become more sensitive to androgens. These are the male sex hormones. These hormones basically make male sex organs look the way they do.

This hypersensitivity to these hormones is the genetic cause of hair loss in men. This is not something you can change. The behavior, on the other hand, is caused by constant stress on your hair caused by hairstyles that pull your hair.

Cornrows, braids, ponytails and any other hairstyle that pulls your hair can cause what is known as traction alopecia. So yes you can get hair loss due to weaves. We will discuss what you can do to stop this condition and to reverse hair loss caused by it.

In order to fix thinning edges, we will look at 7 growth secrets no talks about when discussing thinning edges. So if you have ever asked yourself: How do I grow hairline back, then this is the article for you. There is a multitude of supposed remedies for thinning hair around the edges.

These are either behavioral, medicinal or require the use of oils. Many people swear by Emu oil and coconut oil for edges. We will look at some of the best-kept secrets for preventing thinning edges.

Secret 1: Duck And Weave Away From The Weave

Well, not just the weave. Basically, if you don't want your hairline running away from your face then you should keep away from hair styles that put your hair into traction. There are some commonly held misconceptions around alopecia.

The most prevalent one being, your hair has to be pulled very hard for a long time in order for this condition to develop. The truth however is that you don't need to be dragged around by your hair in order to start getting thinning edges.

Hairstyles such as dreads, cornrows, ponytails and yes even the weave can cause this to happen. Sad to say but you can get hair loss after a weave. Even hairstyles like braids which are supposed to be protective against thinning edges can be one of the causes of thinning edges.
If your hair stylist pulls too hard on your edges you could soon find yourself with luscious hair and barren plain where your hairline used to be.

A recommended approach for those that can't live without their weave is to give your hair a rest every now and then. Let your hair free for a few months and you will be surprised by the results. Do that and combine it with some of the other secrets on here, and you will be on your way to thick beautiful edges again.

Secret 2: Your Pillow Could Be Thinning Your Edges Faster.

If you use a cotton pillow then it could be another cause of your thinning edges. Cotton can be a little rough on your edges. It can cause chaffing of your edges and therefore cause more damage.

The friction caused by your cotton pillow rubbing on your hair seems insignificant, but compounded over time it can be a threat to your already thinning edges.
So what can you do? What is a thinning edges solution when your pillow is the enemy?
Well, some say that satin is a much better fabric for you to sleep on.
This is because it is thin, soft and there is little friction when it comes to hair on satin. This may seem a bit drastic for some but it is worth it to strengthen thinning edges.

Secret 3: Emu Oil Stimulates Hair Growth And Can Help To Regrow Damaged Edges

This oil is a god send. It has been a best-kept secret for a while, but it is slowly reaching the forefront as more and more people use it. It is said to wake up "sleeping hair follicles". It is said to be highly effective to the point of taking only 30 days for visible results to be seen.

This oil is derived from the Emu, a large flightless bird from Australia, basically the ostrich’s smaller cousin. It is refined from the Emu meat, which is supposed to be a leaner alternative to beef. Because the oil is refined, you don’t have to fear that you will smell like roasted emu when you use it.

Is Emu oil good for your hair?

There are reports that Australia’s aboriginal people used emu oil to care of wounds, and a whole laundry list of other uses. Hair growth being one of those. The oil is supposed to stimulate more hair growth in less than 30 days.

The trick is to get the hair follicles, that have shortened active phases due to the androgens mentioned earlier, to start growing hair again. This will help regrow bald edges. So the simple answer is yes, Emu oil is good for your hair.
Secret 4: Beanstalk Infusion Quick Remedy For Thinning Edges

Beanstalk Infusion oil is an all-natural oil, made to help you regrow your thinning edges. It is 100% plant based and is aimed at healing your hair. It not only moisturizes your scalp, but it also strengthens damaged hair.

If you have a tendency to shed hair then this product is perfect for you. To top it all off, you do not have to worry about child safety when you want to administer it to your children, as it is safe for ages 5 and up. The product even comes with a 60 day guarantee, just in case you are dissatisfied with it.

People who have used it, give it glowing testimonials. These are people who have suffered from damaged hair, bald spots and an assortment of other conditions, due to stress, traction alopecia and even medication. Hair growth is reported to have been noticeable within the first 2 weeks.

In order to apply it you will have to use only a drop and massage it into the area you are having problems with. You can use it for hot oil treatment as well. You can use it in conjunction with other products from the brand such as the Beanstalk Hair Growth Vitamins and the moisture locking conditioner system. You have to use this treatment daily, but you can up this to twice a day depending on your results.

What is most enjoyable about Beanstalk Infusion oil is that it not only come with a money back guarantee, but it’s manufacturers stand 110% behind their product, and as such with the guarantee is also a promise of the purchase of a rival product for you.

Secret 5: If You Are Going To Perm Or Relax Your Hair, Give It Time To Rest Between Sessions

There are those who are in the natural hair movement, and then there are those who choose to relax or perm their hair. Others are in transition from one to the other. No matter where you are, you need to give your hair time to breathe.

Stretch out periods between your relaxing sessions. If you add relaxer to already relaxed hair you may be weakening your hair and actually causing it to fray and thin, and this may even lead to greater hair loss. So you find yourself wanting thicker hair but getting thinner frayed edges.

The thinning edges on relaxed hair can be caused by not properly taking care of your hair between and during relaxing sessions. First and foremost give your hair ample time to grow between sessions so you do not overlap on relaxing solutions.

Next, make sure to protect your hair when you go in to have it relaxed. When you relax or perm thinning edges make sure to protect them. You can use coconut oil as a pre-shampoo to protect your cuticles. Use protein treatments weekly so as to help thicken your hair and to strengthen thinning edges. Add this to your hair care regimen and you have a winner.

Secret 6: You Can Take Vitamins That Will Stimulate Hair Re-Growth To Prevent Thinning Edges And Strengthen Your Hair

Just as you have to take vitamins in order to replenish your body, the same is true for hair. Taking specific vitamins does stimulate hair growth and can make your hair thicker and healthier. There are many products on the market for this purpose, and thus reading the reviews of the products carefully so as to get products that will help you, is of utmost importance.

Beanstalk Vitamins’ powerful 1 a day formula is a great start. This supplement is an all organic natural product enriched with many supplements to feed your hair.

It contains Vitamin A,C, E, green tea extracts and many other natural supplements to help your hair glow with health. These are great for nourishing your hair. A well-nourished scalp is a healthy scalp.

What this does in retrospect is to stimulate hair growth. Beanstalk Vitamins powerful 1 a day formula is great for helping to regrow your bald edges and spots.

How do I use Beanstalk Hair Growth Vitamins?

You will only have to take one pill a day to get your full dose of vitamins. That is it. Drink one ounce of water for every two pounds you weight. So if you weight 140lbs, you should drink 70 ounces of water

Secret 7: Find And Stick To A Hair Care Regimen

Routine is very important and it can help your hair relax and grow. It will let your hair settle on a cycle. You need to find a hair care regimen that works for you. With it you will also have to make sure you have a product range that has a good reputation.

The Beanstalk Shampoo, the Detox Shampoo and the Conditioner Package is a great product set to start your hair care regimen with.

How do I use the Beanstalk Shampoo System?

Well, it’s quite easy really. You only apply it once a week for 15 minutes or so. This is such a timesaver from having to spend hours at the doctor.

The Beanstalk Shampoo System is 95% all natural. The ingredients used are known throughout centuries to have healing and moisturizing qualities. They strengthen damaged hair and can stop your hair from shedding.

These are just a few of the secrets to help keep your hair thick, both on your crown as well as at your edges. Hair loss affects nearly 60% of men and more than 40% of women. This may be because of genetics.

Until we have genetic manipulation down to an art, there is nothing you can do to remedy your genes. The other known cause is family disposition. If your family has a history of baldness, then you may have something to worry about. Which is why you should take these hair loss secrets not many talk about serious, and see what works for you.
Most often prevention is better than cure. This is also true when it comes to hair loss. So don't wait until your hairline reaches the top of your head to use them. Some of these only require you to change a small habit.

Using braids, weaves, cornrows, and dreads less often is a good start. Don't join the likes of Ms. Campbell in her hair woes. Take the traction off your hair and let your hair rest once in a while.

Moisturize and make sure your hair is nourished as much as possible. Nourish it with the right products. A healthy diet is not only good for you but your hair as well. These will all help to strengthen thinning edges.

If you look after your hair just like you look after every other body part, it will stay with you as long as possible. A recurring theme no matter the hairstyle is giving your hair time to breathe and rest.

This will go a very long way to ensure those thick locks will have full body and beautiful edges. Short of an actual crown, your hair is the most beautiful thing you can have on your head.
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Jennifer Owens

So far I'm enjoying the product and I have noticed my bald spot has baby hairs yaay!

Roslyn Rolland

FREE BONUS: Buy 2 Bottles and Get the 3rd Bottle ABSOLUTELY FREE

Maureen Blaize

FREE BONUS: Buy 2 Bottles and Get the 3rd Bottle ABSOLUTELY FREE

Lawannda Hudley
Great 👍🏾

Great product
I have been using for 3 weeks now and beginning to see results

james Anthony

FREE BONUS: Buy 2 Bottles and Get the 3rd Bottle ABSOLUTELY FREE

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