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  • Incredibly Simple – Once a week application takes about 15 minutes…much less time than spending a full day at the doctor’s office or hours at the salon
  • Unbelievable Value – Get a 8 week’s supply for just $75.00…and start seeing results immediately
  • Amazing Growth- Bald Spots, Thinning, Permed or Natural Hair BeanStalk Works Wonders to regrow your hair
  • 95% All Natural – Our plant-based product heals and moisturizes your hair & scalp, strengthens damaged hair, stops hair shedding, and gives you beautiful and healthy hair
  • Best-In-The-Industry Guarantee – You have a full 60 days to decide if Beanstalk Hair Growth Vitamin is right for you. If you’re not 110% satisfied, email us and we’ll not only give you a no-questions-asked refund, but we’ll also buy you one of our competitor’s products (of equal or lesser value)




When we created this product line for you we never considered all that would happen:

We were able to display your results to the world. While you proving against all odds, that you were able to reclaim your crown and glory. We have read testimonials where customers have walked into their Dermatologist's office, just to say "Hello" and see the look on his face when they told him they grow their hair back. This is not a wig... THIS IS MY HAIR! #Power

Then There Is The Mother-Daughter Stories:

Mothers, grandmothers and aunties use our product to change their daughter, grand daughters and niece's life at school. We all know how mean, children can be at school and after using the product on the child's hair over the summer, her BACK TO SCHOOL Show Case was AWESOME. Mother's become #1 Moms. Grandmothers become #1 Grandmas and Aunties become "My FAVORITE AUNTIE IN THE WHOLE WORLD" This is why we work hard to deliver such an amazing product to all of you.


We all know Tracy’s story of walking down the Miami strip, with this beauty yellow maxi dress on, turning heads and gaining attention. As a strong wind blew, Tracy held her dress in place and began to feel the wind on her head. As she looked around, and placed her hand on her head, she noticed her wig was missing. (Thinning edges had caused to her pin the wig further and further back on her head). She felt the shock of that moment tear into her chest, as she turned and saw it laying behind her on the ground. She could also see the look of shock, on the faces of the same people, who were gawking over her. Overcome with emotion she flagged down a cab and cried her way home.

With BeanStalk, this is something you don’t have to experience. Any woman would gladly pay $175.00, let alone $75.00 to avoid reliving Tracy’s nightmare. Thankfully you won’t, now that you have BeanStalk in your life.


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Brenda Eldridge

Claudia Lawson


Lorna Camp


I look forward to the success that this product provide me and I will be making future purchases of this product thank you for the hair growth tips!

Jacqueline Thomas

About 3 Weeks

My sister told me of her hair loss around the edges and how Beanstalk grew her hair back. I ordered Beanstalk for my edges and after about 3 weeks I notice the hair starting to grow back. I do not wash my hair daily because of the texture of my hair, but I still see the growth.

Cara Brown

My Mother

Ordered this for my mother and she lived the results

Natalie Stein

Since I was 19

My hair begin balding on the edges when I was 19 years old. Then I started wearing wigs. I used all kinds of things to try to get my hair to grow but nothing seem to work. Until BEANSTALK. This is awesome. I actually have fuzz growing on my edges. Thank you for this product. I already order 3 more.



My package took longer than expected because of Canadian customs.

Esteban Mills

Thank you

Wife really enjoys your product for her hair. Thank you

Hans Wann

I have to give 5...

I have this treatment o be the best that i have used. I have fine hair and this thickens it up considerably. Not sure if it will grow hair as i have only used for close to 3 weeks but it does make an immediate impact on your hair condition. I have to give it 5 stars

Rosa Fouquet

So far

I've been using the product for 3 days .. I gotta like it so far.... Hopefully i can see results in two weeks like it says it will...

Sue Kwun

Beanstalk customer service

Beanstalk customer service contacted me twice on how the product was working out for me, once right after the purchase and then a month later. Someone replied to me within 24 hours of my emails. The customer service from the company is totally outstanding!

Carmen Koch


I was a little disappointed that I didn't receive it within three or four days after I was advised it was shipped. I just recenlty received it, but have used it once. I am interested to see if I have good results with this product. This is the reason for the fair rating. Will rate again after I use it more.

G. Coston


Awesome. It was delivered on time, was as expected and they even sent a follow-up email with suggestions on how to best use it to get the full benefits and effects from product. Will definitely purchase again in near future. Thank you.

Carlise H.

Baby hairs

It's only been a few days since i started using the product. I can see baby hairs are starting to show

No. of Bottles: 5


8 Ways To Eliminate A Dry Flaky Scalp

There are no two ways about it, a flaky scalp sucks.

If you are afflicted by this condition, then you obviously know how bad it can get. Having a dry flaky scalp is at most associated with unhygienic hair care. If you have dandruff, which is caused by and is basically a flaky scalp, people will believe that you do not wash your hair properly or consistently.

Sometimes though, it is often the case that you wash it too often. A dry scalp also has the added frustration of itchiness. This ultimately turns into a vicious cycle. You get a dry scalp and itchiness, which causes you to scratch, which creates more irritation, which causes further dry scalp, flaking and itchiness.

There are many possible reasons as to why you may have a dry flaky scalp, and there are many different remedies for it out there. Some say tea tree oil is best, while others recommend a good moisturizing shampoo as great remedies for this condition.

These remedies are awesome, but before you can remedy the situation, it is best to first find the root cause, and once you deal with the root cause, you will be able to ensure that the dryness does not return.

Dandruff vs Dry Scalp

Before you can embark on a journey of treatment for a dry scalp you first have to know the difference between dandruff and a dry scalp. Most people believe that dandruff and a dry scalp are synonymous, however, there are subtle differences between the two.

This is not to say that they do not have the same symptoms. Dandruff is mainly caused by a condition that makes your scalp oily, red and scaly, yes scaly.

These scales flake off, resulting in the oily white flakes you see on people with dandruff. A dry scalp, on the other hand, is commonly due to your scalp not having enough moisture. The skin becomes irritated and starts flaking off.

Dandruff at most needs a medicated shampoo to remedy the situation, while on the other hand, a dry scalp merely needs rehydration, which you can get with a good moisturizing shampoo.

Causes Of A Dry Flaky Scalp

Now that we know what dandruff is and what a dry scalp is, let us focus on the dry scalp and its causes. There are many causes for a dry scalp and we will look at 8 very important causes of a dry flaky scalp.

Shampoo With Harsh Chemicals

Use of a harsh shampoo is one of the leading causes of a dry scalp. When you are buying a new shampoo, you have to make sure it does not have chemicals that are too harsh for your hair and scalp at all. These chemicals may dry your scalp, and this is mostly when you would end up with a flaky scalp.

In this case, the best thing to do is to make sure that you have a moisturizing shampoo, to make sure your scalp gets enough moisture, which will keep it healthy.

Fungal Infections

Fungal infections are horrible to have. You can get it them on nearly every part of your body. In the case of the scalp, a fungal infection can cause multiple symptoms, the most prevalent being a dry flaky scalp as well as an itchy dry scalp.

If you do have a fungal infection it is best to go and see a professional, because fungal infections can sometimes spread as you scratch your peeling scalp. In this case, you may have to get a shampoo for a dry flaky scalp, but one that is specifically formulated to deal with a fungal infection.

Hard Water

You might be asking yourself what hard water is, and more importantly, whether you’ve exposed your hair to it? Hard water is water that has a high mineral content. It occurs in places where water has passed through high deposits of minerals.

This water is generally safe to drink and use, but if you overexpose your hair to it, it can cause a dry flaky scalp. Some people rave about using bottled water when they are in areas with hard water. While that may work, it could get expensive.

An Unbalanced Diet

This one can't be stressed enough: you are what you eat. Not only that, but it comes out of your pores and hair as well. When you have a balanced diet, your skin and hair will show it.

In fact, there is some evidence supporting your hair as an early warning signal for health problems. In the case of a dry scalp and more importantly a severe dry scalp, the main cause may be a bad diet that has left your scalp not only lacking in nutrients but also moisture, resulting in the dry flaky scalp symptom.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Extreme weather can be detrimental to your hair in more ways than you can believe. Not only do you have to consider the effect of the sun’s rays on your skin and hair, but you also have to consider what effect other conditions such as humidity, and dry air have on your scalp.

They can sometimes rob your scalp of the necessary moisture needed to keep healthy. A moisturizing shampoo should be able to remedy this, with a hair care regimen aimed at nourishing the scalp.

Using Too Many Products

As with most things, over processing can cause more harm than good, the same applies to your scalp. If you are using too many styling agents on your hair, and not letting it breathe, or rest, you may find yourself with a severe dry scalp. This is because these styling products do not allow your scalp to naturally moisturize itself. It is best to have a select few hair styling products, and to give your hair and scalp time to rest every so often. This way you will almost always have a healthy scalp and hair.

Bad Hair Care Regimen

If you take care of your scalp, it will take care of you. So you need to have a very good hair care system and process in place. This will let you treat, condition and moisturize your scalp as needed and make sure you do not suffer from a dry flaky scalp.


Eczema is a condition that causes a dryness of the skin. Your skin may get so dry it looks scaly. There is also a kind of eczema called scalp eczema, where the condition manifests in your scalp. One of its effects is an itchy dry scalp that flakes off, but there are also other worse effects that may occur.

8 Ways To Eliminate A Dry Flaky Scalp

The next question is how do we moisturize our scalp and hair? How do you eliminate a dry flaky scalp?

1. A Balanced Diet

The balanced diet is a very good place to start. You can make sure you are healthy from within. This remedy is particularly important if you have not been taking care of what you eat. When you have a balanced diet your scalp will be well nourished, making it less likely to develop into a dry flaky scalp.

2. Shampoo For Eczema

As we mentioned, eczema is a skin condition that causes your skin to dry out and look scaly. When it comes to scalp eczema you should go to a professional dermatologist so as to get a recommended shampoo for eczema. Beanstalk has a great range of natural shampoos and conditioners that will help in most cases of a dry flaky scalp.

3. Get And Use A Well-Formulated Shampoo System

One of the causes of a dry flaky scalp is shampoo that is too harsh on your hair. You need to use a shampoo system that will not only wash your hair but will care for it too. Look for a range of shampoos that will wash and condition your hair.

Beanstalk has a range of moisturizing shampoos that include a detox for your hair. After washing your hair you can then detox it to make sure it gets the rest it needs from constant chemicals. You can then condition your hair to make sure it is well taken care off. With Beanstalk’s Shampoo, Detox Shampoo, and Conditioner Package you will not only improve hair growth but you will also ensure a healthy scalp.

4. Lemon Juice

Lemon is an excellent home remedy for a dry flaky scalp. Not only will the lemon juice control the pH of the scalp, but it will also work to get rid of fungal infections. All you have to do is gently rub the lemon juice into your scalp and leave it for 5 minutes before rinsing it out.

5. Mayonnaise

Apply mayonnaise to your scalp and cover your head. Leave this in for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse it out and then shampoo normally using the shampoo and conditioner package from Beanstalk. This should be done once a week and will help nourish and condition your hair.

6. Use Beanstalk Infusion

Not only does this product fight thinning hair edges and improve hair growth, but it will also fight a severe dry scalp. It does this by moisturizing your scalp and stimulating hair growth. It is fully plant-based and strengthens damaged hair to boot. You only need to apply it once a day for 10 minutes. That is all you have to do and no more dry flaky scalp.

7. Onion Juice

For this one, you need a quarter cup of onion juice, honey, and cotton. Once you have gotten all the products together you should mix the honey and onion juice together and use the cotton to apply to your scalp. Let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes and shampoo as per normal. This should be done twice weekly for best results.

8. Have A Hair Care System And Regimen And Stick To It.

To get the best results you have to use the best products. Beanstalk’s system is the best out there. It includes Beanstalk’s oil infusion, hair growth vitamins, and their shampoo system all in one. Use this as your hair care regimen and you will not only have healthy hair but a healthy scalp as well. The moisturizing shampoo along with the vitamins and oil infusion will ensure you get the results you want.

In conclusion there are many reasons as to why you may have a dry flaky scalp. These can be anything from the kind of water you use to wash your hair to even the chemicals you use on your hair. There are also many remedies on the market and a few home remedies for you to choose from.

That being said it is always much better to first find the cause of the dry scalp and then remedy, because if you keep treating the symptoms and not the cause you may find yourself stuck in a cycle of irritation, remedy, relief, and repeat.

In summary, in this article we have covered some causes of a dry flaky scalp. These were using a bad diet, harsh shampoos, fungal infections, extreme weather condition, as well as eczema to name a few. We also looked at possible solutions to the problem.

Eczema shampoo, correcting one’s diet, a good moisturizing shampoo, and Beanstalk’s family of hair care products, were some of the 8 ways to eliminate a dry flaky scalp. Using a hair care system particularly one that has a shampoo for a dry flaky scalp is a great way to go. Add this onto a vitamin regimen that will also help your hair grow and you have a winning formula to eliminate a dry flaky scalp.

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Pamela Barker
Oh How Excellent!!

I’m totally amazed with this product. My edges are visibly growing and my hair is getting thicker. WOW. I’m so grateful and thankful.

Carolyn Liggins
This my hair

This is magic in a bottle

Patricia McCoy
Great Products

Got my products in timely matter and this is my second order. It really works!

Melissa Brown
Good product

So far this product has been great! I will continue to order from this company! Thank's 😃

Lynda J.

I love the product. I can see that my edges has started to grow back in and the product smells nice as well. Thank you for creating this product.

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